Photo of the Day – August 4, 2017

Eared Grebe

Day two of my springtime California adventure found me driving through Joshua Tree National Park looking for interesting birds. Wherever I went there were so many people that if I found anything to photograph it would not stick around. Craving solitude and water birds I checked Google maps to find the fastest route to the Salton Sea. I drove to the shore and was excited to find a desolate beach near a marina. In the marina I found a small bay with about 40 Eared Grebes. Bingo! Although they are the most abundant Grebe in the world, and they were in transitional plumage, it was a first for me and the light was just lovely. I crouched low on the shore and watched for at least an hour while they preened, bathed, flapped their wings and roosted. Sometimes you have to go a few miles out of your way to seek out the perfect spot. But it is always worth it. April 3, 2017

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