Photo of the Day – July 23, 2017


Situated on the coast of Long Island, Nickerson Beach is located in one of the most densely populated urban areas of the US. On a hot summer day, thousands of beach-goers leave the city to flock to the shore and beat the heat. Enjoying the clean, fresh air and cool water, family and friends line the half mile of sand with their towels, chairs and coolers. It is such a popular location, there is even a Cabana lottery each year for the coveted tiny cabins located between the parking lot and beach. Sunrise at Nickerson is an entirely different story. A captivating stillness hangs in the air and the beach is peppered only with shorebirds, terns, skimmers and the occasional wading bird. Early Friday morning I spotted this juvenile Great Blue Heron standing perfectly still in a water channel that parallels the ocean. There wasn’t a human in sight and all was calm. Alongside my feathered friend, I savored the peaceful serenity of the moment, knowing it would be fleeting. July 21, 2017

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