Photo of the Day – June 25, 2017

Peregrine Fledgling

Friday, after my 4am wakeup, a morning on the beach (see yesterday’s post) and a four hour drive back home I made another trip. I jumped into my Jeep and made the hour drive south to seek out my Peregrine Falcon family. Rain was in the forecast, again, and I wanted to check for fledglings before it started. Sure enough, after checking every ledge I spotted this female from a distance. My first this season. The adults were on high alert so I went deep into the woods to circle back before finding a gap through which to view the young Peregrine. I managed only a couple of quick shots before she flew and then the rain started. My excitement at finding this new, beautiful raptor, was tempered when I noticed a blanket of whitewash at the base of a tall tree several yards into the woods. Great Horned Owls are known predators of Peregrine fledglings and they have been seen in these woods. I didn’t see an Owl that day, but so far we have only seen one fledgling in a brood of three. Last year’s fledglings mysteriously disappeared after less than two weeks of freedom. I really hope at least one from this family will buck the odds and make it through the season. I will keep watching so stay tuned. June 23, 2017

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