Photo of the Day – June 29, 2017

High Key Toad

I had been walking with friends along a sandy pathway through a marshland on the NY coast. One of my friends noticed movement in the sand and up popped this Toad. It hopped across the path and then stopped in this spot. As we watched it began to burrow further down until only its eyes were visible. I hadn’t known Toads to live in sand so I assume it came from the marsh. And I’m not a Toad expert so not 100% certain of the species but believe it is an Eastern American Toad. Either way, it was an unexpected and fun encounter.

The white foreground and background is a result of the narrow depth of focus due to a wide aperture combined. The slight overexposure due to high ISO and slower shutter-speed provided a high key appearance. June 22, 2017

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