Photo of the Day – September 8, 2017

California Scrub-Jay

Formerly known as the Western Scrub-Jay, the California Scrub-Jay can be found all along the Pacific coastline from Washington down to the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. During the summer of 2016, according to, “Because of the difference in ecology, morphology, genetics and vocalizations”, the Western Scrub-Jay was split into two species. The bolder California Scrub-Jay is found along the coastline. The more shy and inconspicuous Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay can be found in the inner western states including AZ, UT and NV. I saw my first California Scrub-Jay during my safari with Daniel Dietrich of Point Reyes Safaris. It had been perched very close to the road and the back lighting accented the rich, azure blue of its body and that charcoal face. April 14, 2017

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