Bunche Beach Sunset

For this Earth Day 2018 I give you scenes from my favorite nature experience of my recent trip to Florida. Take care of this precious planet, it’s the only one we’ve got and it’s pretty amazing!

During my two 2017 trips to Florida I had only two opportunities to spend sunset at Bunche Beach. The first time I was rained out. The second night I got a glimpse of its potential with all of the amazing birds, but the sky was still too cloudy for a true sunset. On my very last evening of my recent trip I finally experienced a dream sunset at Bunche. It was worth the wait! This is a compilation of clips from that day featuring a variety of shorebirds and one very accommodating Little Blue Heron. Sunsets on Florida’s gulf coast shoreline are truly magnificent. If you get down that way, be sure to check it out! April 11, 2018

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