“Pasajes de Agua” (Water Passages)

I spent a week in March at a Women Wildlife Filmmakers Workshop at Cocobolo Nature Reserve in Panama. Co-lead by two amazing conservation filmmakers Morgan Heim and Jenny Nichols, the workshop was a very intense week of instruction and hands on experience. For each project we paired up in groups of two. With my partner, Jordan Hoffmaster, our final project was this video. Completed with two days of filming and two days of editing, I present to you our first conservation film, an ode to the Rio Mamoni.

Film Synopsis
Bordering the edge of Cocobolo Nature Reserve in Panama is the Rio Mamoni. This film is an ode to the diverse ecosystem that is sustained by that river. Without the Mamoni providing its passages and life blood, much life would cease to exist. By keeping the river clean, using water judiciously, and communicating and educating others to adopt sustainable methods, we can protect these precious lives. We can be the small ripple that effects the change to protect life around the Rio Mamoni.

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