Photo of the Day – August 30, 2017

Fresh from the Chrysalis

This is not just any monarch butterfly. If you are on Instagram and watched my story you already know, this one is brand new, having emerged from its chrysalis today. It all started a couple of months ago when I saw a monarch fly into my yard and spend time on the wild milkweed. Later my boyfriend found a caterpillar on that same plant. After searching we found a few eggs. Once they hatched he cut the milkweed to bring the caterpillars into the house to give them a fighting chance for survival. The caterpillars grew and then eventually formed into pupae, or chrysalides. They then metamorphosed into monarch butterflies, ready to emerge. And that is how I spent my day, watching this beautiful monarch emerge from its shell to begin its new, winged life. August 30, 2017

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