Through the Fog – First Woodies of 2016

Just a week ago the pond was mostly frozen. But it has been a very warm week and I knew that by now it would be wide open. I pulled together all of my gear – it took me hours because I’m completely out of practice! And I went to bed early. I arose before the sun, threw everything into my Jeep and drove to the pond.

It was impossible to know for certain what I would find. But I had to try. I trudged through the frost-covered woods and finally arrived at my spot. And I heard it immediately. It was the call of the hen Wood Duck! I peered through the haze and there they were. The hen swam out from the fog with the drake following dutifully behind. There are Wood Ducks back on my pond! My favorite season has begun!  Brick Pond Wetland Preserve.  March 12, 2016


Through the Fog – First Woodies of 2016


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